The 10 Most Valuable Pokémon Cards In Scarlet & Violet—151

S&V-151 follows patterns observed in prior sets: the longest-standing beloved Pokémon will rank highest, and equally favored female characters (often referred to as «Waifus») will captivate collectors.


S&V-151 is brimming with nostalgic glimpses of beloved Pokémon, along with iconic Gym Leaders and characters from the initial generation that players cherish. Considering this, you’re probably wisely anticipating the inclusion of the expected Charizard on the list (no surprises there). However, who else should you consider adding to your collection? Let’s explore the trending favorites!

#10 Erika's Invitation (Special Illustration Rare)

erika gym leader

Here, the Waifu phenomenon is unmistakably in full swing, and one cannot deny: Erika is charming. We find her in a delightful slice-of-life setting, the fan-favorite character comfortably surrounded by vibrant plant life and bottles. Anyone seeking to relish a cozy scene with a beloved character will find this card appealing— and that’s a sizable audience.

The card’s exceptional playability, coupled with its aesthetic appeal, makes it highly likely to be a sought-after piece. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Erika’s Invitation consistently ranking at the forefront in terms of value within this set. However, there’s a touch of irony in such an adorable character wielding such a formidable effect.

#9 Bulbasaur (Illustration Rare)

Exceptional Pokémon card illustrations create a sense that these animated creatures seamlessly belong to a genuine ecosystem. In this instance, Yoriyuki Ikegami accomplishes this feat by mirroring Bulbasaur’s color palette in the vibrant green and turquoise flora enveloping it. Bulbasaur appears nearly camouflaged, nestled among the expansive leaves and dappled light in this stunning depiction.

Having previously illustrated the Galarian Gallery version of Gardenia’s Vigor, Yoriyuki Ikegami proves to be an ideal choice for capturing the essence of the Grass-type Bulbasaur and its evolutionary line.

#8 Squirtle (Illustration Rare)

Mitsuhiro Arita’s portrayal of Squirtle initiates a trio of full-art cards showcasing the evolution line of the original Water-type starter. With a Pokémon card illustration career spanning since the inception of the game, Arita’s credentials include the original Squirtle card from the Base Set, making this a truly full-circle moment for the TCG. Over time, Arita’s artistic prowess has only flourished, evident in the remarkable subtle color transitions from the frothy surf to the deeper ocean in this particular piece.

#7 Charmander (Illustration Rare)

The 151 version of Charmander boasts some impressive attacks, particularly the one allowing you to discard a Stadium in play. However, its primary utility lies in evolving it into Charizard. Surpassing other Charmander cards currently in Standard, it stands out with a superior 70 HP, a notable improvement from the standard 60 HP. This extra 10 HP becomes crucial, offering resilience against cards like Sableye that might otherwise Knock Out two Charmander cards simultaneously.

Miki Kudo’s beautiful illustration captures Charmander with a wistful gaze toward the sky, hinting at its imminent evolution and the realization of its dreams.

#6 Alakazam ex (Special Illustration Rare)

The Special Illustration version of Alakazam ex stands out as my choice for the card most likely to maintain its value, and several factors contribute to this prediction. Firstly, the scene depicted is a proven favorite: a slice-of-life sequence portraying the Pokémon in its element, showcasing Alakazam training in a cluttered study, creating a surprisingly cozy and familiar atmosphere.


Adding to its appeal, Alakazam ex is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly playable, making it the card I’m most eager to incorporate into decks from the set. «Mind Jack» has the potential to inflict impressive damage as your opponent’s Bench fills up, particularly when paired with Erika’s Invitation. Meanwhile, «Dimension Hand» rewards you for setting up Alakazam from the Bench, allowing you to keep it safe until it’s strategically advantageous for it to take the Active Spot.

#5 Charizard ex (Ultra Rare)

Charizard ex perfectly embodies the concept of a haymaker play expected from an ex Pokémon. While it requires a significant investment of resources, it delivers more than the input. «Brave Wing,» potentially reaching 160 damage for just one Energy, is a remarkable deal. It can be used even after a successful «Explosive Vortex.» However, the real highlight is the latter move. Requiring four energy, it may seem demanding, but the payoff is substantial—with a whopping 330 damage, it has the potential to take out virtually anything in its path!

#4 Zapdos ex (Special Illustration Rare)

While my personal enthusiasm for Zapdos ex may be more subdued, both in terms of its artistic appeal and gameplay potential, individual preferences can vary within the community. The artwork itself is solid, featuring all three Legendary birds soaring through a blue sky, with Zapdos commanding attention amidst the fluffy clouds.

From a gameplay perspective, Zapdos ex can be quite effective. With the ability to potentially retreat for free, it can swoop in, deliver a jolt to the Active Pokémon and some of their Bench, and swiftly retreat. However, the concern arises with its «only» 200 HP, making it a bit precarious to be worth two Prize cards. While I recognize the Legendary appeal, my reservations persist when evaluating this card on the playing field.

#3 Venusaur ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Venusaur ex stands as an excellent fusion of playability and visual allure. The Special Illustration Rare variant is exceptionally vibrant and beautiful. The striking foliage captures attention, allowing Venusaur’s unique color palette to shine through impressively. While all the full art treatments have their appeal, this one, in particular, stands out.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the card proves to be highly playable. Venusaur ex begins with a robust Ability, assisting in maintaining your top-performing Pokémon in optimal fighting condition. However, its attack continues the tradition of Venusaur being a formidable annoyance. With decent damage output and two highly irritating conditions, it is strategically designed to be a thorn in the side of your opponent.

#2 Blastoise ex (Special Illustration Rare)

In the realm of powerful Pokémon visuals, capturing underwater scenes can be a challenging feat. Despite the abundance of Water-types in the game, it’s a pleasant surprise to encounter artwork that truly conveys an underwater feel, and the Blastoise ex Special Illustration achieves this flawlessly with the right amount of murkiness and bubbles.

As a game piece, Blastoise ex is as impressive as its art. Front-loading a 30 damage negation is precisely the kind of resilience you desire from a final evolution. Additionally, having access to an attack that scales with your Energy reserves is both strategic and powerful. While Charizard ex may be a priority for some, Blastoise certainly merits serious consideration.

#1 Charizard ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Once again, Charizard reigns supreme. The Special Illustration Rare version of Charizard ex boasts simple yet highly appealing art, and coupled with Charizard’s enduring popularity, it easily clinches the title of the most expensive card in S&V—151. In this depiction, we witness Charizard gracefully navigating its domain amidst volcanic canyons. The fluffy clouds and bright sun in the background impart a serene feeling, even with the abundance of warm colors.


While relishing the satisfaction of overwhelming opponents with powerful moves, there’s also a certain allure in doing so with the most aesthetically pleasing version of your Pokémon. If one is going to amass substantial amounts of fire energy and launch them at an opponent’s head, ensuring the last image they see is an exceptionally stunning Charizard seems like the least one can do.

In conclusion, the S&V—151 set presents a captivating blend of artistic brilliance and strategic gameplay. Each card, from the mesmerizing Special Illustration Rare variants to the powerful ex Pokémon, contributes to an immersive and engaging experience for collectors and players alike. Charizard, once again, asserts its dominance both in popularity and market value, showcasing the enduring allure of this iconic Pokémon.


The set not only delivers visually stunning representations, such as the underwater scenes with Blastoise ex and the lush training environment with Venusaur ex, but also introduces gameplay dynamics that make these cards not just collectibles but formidable assets in battles. Whether it’s the relentless power of Charizard ex or the strategic versatility of cards like Alakazam ex, each piece adds depth to the overall appeal of S&V—151.


As players and collectors navigate the dynamic market, it’s evident that the synergy between aesthetics and playability continues to drive the value of these cards. Whether one finds joy in the subtle color transitions of Mitsuhiro Arita’s Squirtle or the atmospheric underwater depiction of Blastoise ex, each card contributes to the set’s overall richness.


In essence, S&V—151 stands as a testament to the enduring charm of Pokémon cards, captivating both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike with its diverse range of artistic expressions and strategic possibilities.

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